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Bad news gears and pv
We're a passionate group of students from New York that works hard to achieve great things with our club. Our success depends on the support of our friends, family and community. Check us out on our webpage www.frcteam5943.com!
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  • Therese George donated "Best wishes Ally, " - via Ally Marte
  • Monique Hallinan-O’Hare donated - via Ally Marte
  • Marie and Marce donated "Way to go, Ally! ♥️" - via Andrea Marte
  • Timeline 500

    $500 Robotics Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just earned a $500 STEM Power Grant™ by raising $500 on our own in 2019!

    Thanks to EdCo's corporate sponsors for helping our team! We'll be sure to put the money to good use!

  • Michele Porcelli Bruno donated "Good luck and have fun, Ally!❤" - via Ally Marte
  • MF donated - via Ally Marte
  • Support Science!! donated "How inspiring! Enjoy the ride, the ups AND downs. "
  • Antonia Marte donated "Go Robotics Team!" - via Ally Marte
  • David Kaufman donated "I've worked Ally's father for many years and thank him for sending me the link so I can donate." - via Ally Marte
  • Elizabeth Gallo donated "Good Luck!!!!" - via Ally Marte
  • Andrea Arroyo-Nieves donated "Wishing Ally Marte and her team all the best!"
  • Anon donated - via Ally Marte
  • Kristine Fleitz donated "Good Luck!"
  • Felix A Marte donated "Go Ally and Team Bad News Gears!"
  • Eduardo Artigas donated "Go Bad News Gears go!"
  • Destination Deep Space

    Greetings Team 5943 Supporters, Please join us as we embark on 2019's mission, Destination Deep Space. Thank you for your donations the team, coaches, and mentors greatly appreciate your help!

  • Kathleen Dillon-Orduz donated "From Aetna" - via Kaitlyn Musial
  • Doris OToole donated
  • Herbert Restmeyer donated "This is a fantastic project. Congratulations to all of you. "
  • Stephanie Weiner donated "Go CHS Robotics!!!" - via Zack Ginesin
  • Peggy and Randy donated "Good luck this year!" - via Zack Ginesin
  • Raymond Wapner donated
  • Janie Bloom donated "Good Luck!!!"
  • Lucia & Brad Ginesin donated "Looking forward to another great and fun year!! "
  • Billy Manrique donated "AIM HIGH!" - via Hailey Sango
  • Dan Q donated "Good luck, have fun! "
  • Lucia Ginesin donated "Great job this year!"
  • Juina Hsueh donated "Keep up the good work! My best friend's son Salvatore is a proud team member!"
  • Kathleen Dooley donated "Use it wisely. And kick some robot butt!" - via Kathleen Dooley
  • Debra Silance donated

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